Morality Report        

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Sexual Morality as Seen from a Spiritual Viewpoint (July 2006) is the Report of a Study Group set up by the Committee of Ministers and Governing Council of the New Church Conference. This report is available to download below as the Full Report. Its associated 4 Appendices may also be downloaded. The Full Report and Appendices should be printed as A4 Portrait pages.

It was felt it would be useful if the Report could be adapted and shortened with the aim of publishing material for helping people at the grass roots to engage in talking about the issues. Consequently in January 2007 the convenor of the Group was asked if some of the Group could produce a booklet, based on the Report, for local church congregations to use as a focus for local discussion. This booklet is available to download below as the Short Booklet. The Short Booklet should be printed as A4 Landscape pages.

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Short Booklet                                                 Full Report

                                                                      Appendix 1            Appendix 2

                                                                      Appendix 3            Appendix 4