Five Essentials - Aspects of Loving        

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At Conference 2010 Rev Mary Duckworth, Senior Minister, launched a new focus for the whole church under the title 'Five Essentials - Aspects of Loving'.

She said of this course -

In the autumn and for the next year or even two we shall have the opportunity to explore, to become aware of and reflect on Godís love for us and our love for him and each other. This will be in the form of a focus for the church, which I have called ĎFive Essentials - Aspects of Lovingí. I hope everyone in the church and connected with it in any way will focus some time and energy on this very ground of our being - love. If we donít receive Godís love, if we donít live by Godís love, what are we? When we are loved, we are empowered beyond belief. We can do more than we can imagine. ĎFor nothing is impossible with God.í (Luke 1.37).

Guidance notes are being produced but the work is yours. If you want your life to be re-energised, re-focused on the Lordís love, tap into this focus for the church. Make it the focus of your life and love and let the church come alive. Let the Lord bring you and yours to life. Let the Lord say to us all everyday, ĎI love you.í

Below you can find links to download the guidance notes being produced on this subject. As soon as new guidance notes become available they will be added to these pages. To read and print a copy of the documents listed below you will need Adobe Reader on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader please go to the Resources section of this web site for assistance.



1st Essential : Part 1 - Being loved as God's child

1st Essential : Part 2 - Being loved - not abandoned, lost, but accompanied

1st Essential : Part 3 - Being loved on a cosmic scale

1st Essential : Part 4 - Being loved, freely, unconditionally, just as I am


2nd Essential : Part 1 - Relating to Love - the ground of my being

2nd Essential : Part 2 - Relating to Love - the Secret Sower

2nd Essential : Part 3 - Relating to Love - the Shepherd of his Sheep

2nd Essential : Part 4 - Relating to Love - the Lamb of God


3rd Essential : Part 1 - Loving others - as the Lord loves us

3rd Essential : Part 2 - Loving others - as our neighbour

3rd Essential : Part 3 - Loving others - our enemies

3rd Essential : Part 4 - Loving others - reciprocal love


4th Essential : Part 1 - Loving ourselves - as the Lord's dwelling

4th Essential : Part 2 - Loving ourselves - caring for ourselves

4th Essential : Part 3 - Loving ourselves - our angelic self

4th Essential : Part 4 - Loving ourselves - in relationships


5th Essential : Part 1 - Loving the Lord - with all our heart, soul and strength

5th Essential : Part 2 - Loving the Lord - as a follower, servant and friend

5th Essential : Part 3 - Loving the Lord - through loving others

5th Essential : Part 4 - Loving the Lord - as our Father and Husband