Invitation to the United Search for Divine Providence        

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An Invitation

Dear Friend,

You are warmly invited to take part in a new course of study of the work The Divine Providence published by Emanuel Swedenborg in 1764. This is a wonderful book which clearly explains how the Lordís Providence operates both in this world and then to eternity in the spiritual world.

We live in an age which can become very violent and dangerous and people ask, how a God of love can allow so many horrors to go on age after age. The book faces all these difficult questions and answers them clearly. In fact many of these difficulties have surprisingly clear and simple answers. After all the truth is usually quite simple!

How to join? There are two ways in which you can take part in this study, whether you will be doing this by yourself or in a small group. Lifeline will publish each session in full from October. The notes will also be available on the Lifeline web-site together with a means for asking questions or making suggestions.

This is an exciting venture for the New Church in Britain, and hopefully overseas also. It is in our interest to understand more clearly how the Lordís constant care provides for us each moment of our life on earth and at the same time respecting our freedom of choice.

Please use these facilities which the General Conference is providing for all those who would like to take part. Lifeline will begin to publish the actual lessons from October. You will also need a copy of the book: Divine Providence. Some paperbacks are under £5 from the Swedenborg Society.

Please consider this invitation prayerfully. It is our privilege as members of the New Church to be able to share this marvellous revelation of the way the Lordís provides for our every moment of life now and to eternity. How much such knowledge can help in this uncertain and divided world!

Christopher Hasler


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