United Search for Divine Providence        

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In the late 1960’s Rev Christopher Hasler wrote, published and distributed a course entitled ‘United Search for True Christian Religion’. Now, some 40 years later, he is working on a new course - ‘United Search for Divine Providence’ which he presented during a talk at Conference this year. The course will take the form of 16 monthly sessions starting in October 2008. These will be printed in Lifeline but will also be available to download from this web site making them easily useable for individual and group study.

Christopher has also offered to provide responses to any questions you might wish to raise as you work through the materials over the following months. To contact Christopher please click on the following link (it is spam protected):


Below you will find links to the Introduction to the course, given as a talk at Conference 2008, and published in the August and September 2008 issues of Lifeline and the Invitation published in the September issue.



To read and print a copy of the Session study notes listed below you will need Adobe Reader on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader please go to the Resources section of this web site for assistance. Click on the tile to download the notes - they are in A5 format and can be printed double-sided.

Session 1    October 2008   First Session Session 2    November 2008
Session 3    December 2008 Session 4    February 2009
Session 5    March 2009 Session 6    April 2009
Session 7    May 2009 Session 8    June 2009
Session 9    July 2009 Session 10  August 2009
Session 11  September 2009 Session 12  October 2009
Session 13  November 2009 Session 14  December 2009
Session 15  January 2010 Session 16  February 2010   Final Session