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Articles include ... Author  
January Letters from Jonathan Bayley to the New Church in Jersey Rev John Elliott
  Sponsored Student Monitoring Group Rev Helen Brown  
  The New Christian Bible Study Website    
February Auxiliary Ministry Worship Leaders Weekend Madeleine Taylor
  Without a Parable Rev Christopher Hasler  
  Swedenborg on Radio 4    
March Thomas Goyder in Jersey Rev John Elliott
  What's in the tin? Pauline Grimshaw  
  Alix Williams - a complicated life Hilda Johnson  
April From the Council Judith Wilson
  The first two years of our life Rev Christopher Hasler  
  April 1789 - 225 years ago    
May Seaburn Dene - 40th Anniversary of the Building  
  150 years ago continued Rev John Elliott  
  Love, only love, is his law Richard Lines  
June The Day of the Lord's Coming Rev Bruce Jarvis
  3rd Outdoor Activity Weekend    
  The Bible Christians David Lomax  
July Church Reports  
  Suddenly One Summer Pauline Grimshaw  
  Purley Chase Programme Director    
August Conference Service Address Rev Clifford Curry
  What is the 'Remnant' Rev Christopher Hasler  
  150 years ago continued    
September Conference 2014 Report  
  Launch Event for Apocalypse of John Card Set    
October Conference 2014 Keynote Address Rev David Gaffney
  From the Council    
November Education in a changing world Rev Helen Brown
  The Ark of the Covenant Part One Stephen Thomas  
  A Letter on Armistice Day Peter Cunningham  
December The Ark of the Covenant Part Two Stephen Thomas
  Stuffy ore Fluffy Patricia Russell  
  Apocalypse of John - Card Set Launch