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Articles include ... Author  
January Conference 2012 Holy Supper Service Rev Bruce Jarvis
  From the Council Judith Wilson  
  5th Essential: Part 4: Loving the Lord - as our Father and Husband    
February Discrimination and Prejudice Richard Lines
  In Memory - Margaret and Arthur Jackson Patrick Johnson  
  Mooki Street declared a heritage site Alan Misson  
March Burying Jesus Rev Christine Bank
  Easter Rising Rev Jack Dunion  
  The New Church, Universal or Specific? Patrick Johnson  
April Giving True Witness Stephen Thomas
  The Stone Rolled Back Ray Kennion  
  Youth Leaders Appointed    
May The Young Jesus Rev Christopher Hasler
  Pentecost Richard Lines  
  Rev Esther Byrne - Memorial Notices    
June They will become one flesh Rev Bruce Jarvis
  Easter Rally Jenny Jones  
  All Age Day at Bournemouth Jen Pickard  
July Building a Tower - part one Stephen Thomas
  Young Families Weekend Ann Skinner  
August Conference 2013 - Keynote Address Rev David Gaffney
  'Old friends' meet again after 150 years Phillip Brooks  
  Earliest Memories Rev Christopher Hasler  
September Conference 2013 Report  
  Red Hot News from South Africa    
  New Church Historical Society Pauline Grimshaw  
October Conference Service Address Rev Rita Russell
  New Appointments at SOLCe    
  150 Years Ago Rev John Elliott  
November Brightlingsea Bicentenary  
  Seven Publications in Seven Months Rev John Elliott  
  The Impatience of Isaiah Rev Christopher Hasler  
December Apocalypse Exhibition in Scotland Rev Jack Dunion
  Matthew's Genealogy Ray Kennion  
  Malachi 4 Alan Misson