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Articles include ... Author  
January The Way Richard Lines
  The World Transformed Patrick Johnson  
  From the Council ...    
February Statement from the Committee of Ministers  
  4th Essential: Part 1 - Loving ourselves - as the Lord's dwelling    
March The Vision Team is alive and well - an update  
  4th Essential: Part 2 - Loving ourselves - caring for ourselves    
  The First New Church Minister Patrick Johnson  
April From the Council ...  
  4th Essential: Part 3 - Loving ourselves - our angelic self    
  The Good Shepherd Stephen Thomas  
May Report from the Philippines Rev Ian Arnold
  A History of the Swedenborg Society - A Review    
  In Memory - Eric Yates Rev Robert Gill  
June By What or on Whose Authority Rev Michael Stanley
  Human Sexuality    
July The Spiritual Olympics Alan Bowie
  Describing the Indescribable Rev David Lomax  
  Launch of Alan Misson  
August Conference 2012 - Keynote Speech Rev Gillian Gordon
  4th Essential: Part 4 - Loving ourselves - in realtionships    
  In Memory - Rev Christopher Jackson    
September Conference 2012 - Conference Sermon Rev Jack Dunion
  Conference 2012 Report    
  Human Sexuality Online Library    
October Pictures at an Exhibition Stephen Morley
  5th Essential: Part 1 - Loving the Lord - with heart, soul and ...    
  Bang, Twang and Blow Geoffrey Bentley  
November HB to RB Rev John Elliott
  5th Essential: Part 2 - Loving the Lord - as follower, servant ...    
  The Shock of The Shack Rev David Lomax  
December The Two Sacraments - where is the Joy? Becky Jarratt
  5th Essential: Part 3 - Loving the Lord - through loving others    
  A Perspective on Life Ray Kennion