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Articles include ... Author Size  
February The last days of the Noble library Rev Dennis Duckworth 572kb
  Russian Seminar Rev John Presland    
  The World Religions Part One Bruce Taylor    
March Reaching out in new ways Marion Curry 615kb
  RENEW Vision and Recommendations Alan Misson    
  The World Religions Part Two Bruce Taylor    
April The Greatest Lesson of all Rev Bruce Jarvis 452kb
  In Memoriam - Rev George Thomas Hill Rev Dennis Duckworth    
  A multitude without number Rev Christopher Hasler    
May Saints Geoffrey Bentley 833kb
  The Future of the Church? Rev John O Booth    
  Retreat Weekend Rachel Turner    
June Sacred Text Rev Robert Gill 779kb
  RENEW Proposals go forward to Conference Alan Misson    
  New Church College News Marian Kidd    
August In Memoriam Rev Bernard Sibley Willmott Neville Jarvis 644kb
  Scene's from Swedenborg's Sweden Alan Misson    
  Sunday School Conference 2001 Pauline Grimshaw    
September Address to the British Conference Rev Ron Brugler 688kb
  Senior Minister's Keynote Speech Rev Ian Russell    
  Conference Reports      
October Conference Service - The Sermon Rev Ron Brugler 836kb
  Conference Reports      
  Regeneration Richard Lines    
November The Evil of Terrorism and the Lord's Leading Rt Rev Peter Buss 560kb
  A Bright Little Spot in the South East Rev Dennis Duckworth    
  The Good Samaritan Stephen Lacy    
December Who is this King of Glory? Tony James 741kb
  The Epiphany Richard Lines    
  College news from Moscow