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Articles include ... Author Size  
February A New Dawn in the Year of our Lord 2000       Rev John Sutton 514kb
  Blessing    Rev David Moffat    
  The Scholars  Rev Dennis Duckworth    
March Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors Rev Bruce Jarvis 1160kb
  Correspondences Rev Geoffrey Clarkson    
  The President ponders on dogs and daffodils Rev John Sutton    
April He is not here, for He has risen as He said Rev Norman Ryder 1190kb
  The Easter Cross Rev Michael Stanley    
  Ten years on, our fifth visit to Mauritius Judy Elliott    
May The Oneness of God Alan Misson 1370kb
  Hell is not God's punishment Rev Don Rose    
  The Hooks of Snodland Patrick Johnson    
June Pentecost Rev L P Russell-Lacy 1330kb
  A Very Special Occasion  (John Elliott honoured) Judy Elliott    
  But ... Outreach at Oaklands Rev David Moffat    
August To whom shall we go? Rev John Sutton 820kb
  Conference Reports      
  RENEW - A Vision and plan for the future Alan Misson    
September Conference Sermon Rev David Moffat 646kb
  Conference Reports      
  Scottish Association of the New Church Rev Robert Gill    
October Reflections on Camp 2000   738kb
  Just Imagine Rev I Johnson    
  Swedenborg and Aromatherapy Rev Dennis Duckworth    
November Tanks and food trucks Rev Bruce Jarvis 790kb
  The Epistles Rev Geoffrey Clarkson    
  Centenary Celebrations at Chester      
December Young Jesus Rev Christopher Hasler 861kb
  Dalton celebrates 175 years Jean Mrozek    
  RIP BNCF? - A Look to the Future Alison Presland